15+ Exceptionally Beautiful Wedding Mandap Decoration Ideas [2023]

To provide you with some inspiration for your wedding mandap decoration, we've created a list of the most beautiful 16 wedding mandap decoration ideas for your dream wedding in 2023!


As your ultimate wedding guide, it is our most important and joyful responsibility to ensure that each and every detail of your dream wedding is flawless. We are here to provide you with the best and simple mandap decoration ideas to make your wedding the most special experience of your life. We have earlier shared with you the best bridal mehndi design, and haldi stage decor ideas for your wedding.

So, today, being the best event management company kolkata we bring your attention to the most precious part of your wedding, the Mandap. The auspicious Saat Pheras, the most exquisite moment of unity exchanged between two lovers, is witnessed in this sacred spot. 

The perfect setup and simple mandap decoration ideas can help to enhance the elegance of this special occasion and photographs of course. So, to ensure that you have the most dreamy Pheras, we provide you with the 16 most hypnotic wedding mandap decoration ideas!

a beautiful wedding mandap

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1. Decorative Ceiling, Floral Chandelier, and Fairylights in Royal Red Wedding Mandap Decoration

Isn't it one of the most heavenly wedding mandap decoration ideas?  When we saw this beautiful wedding mandap decor, that's exactly what came to mind. The royal red curtains draped with golden fairy lights look stunning against the bamboo structure of the mandap building. For all the couples made in heaven, exchanging vows under those lovely falling floral garlands would be a dream come true!

red mandap decoration

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2. Wedding Mandap Decoration With Colourful Drapes For An Outdoor Wedding

Are you looking for simple mandap decoration ideas? This is the perfect for simplistic couples like you! The usage of colourful curtains in an outdoor setting for mandap decoration is fantastic. The vibrant colours complement the cheerful bride and groom and do justice to all the celebrations!

wedding mandap decoration

3. Wedding Mandap Decoration With Flowers And Drapes

Flowers are a must-have for your dream wedding mandap. Flowers and drapes are a traditional way to decorate the mandap for your wedding day. You may add some leaves here and there to provide a touch of freshness! Also, keep in mind that the colour palettes must match the overall theme.

mandap decor ideas

4. Elegant Outdoor Wedding Mandap Decoration With Drapes And Multicolour Roses

This marriage stage decoration with a covering of drapes and multicolour roses is a superb inspiration if you have a large garden space to arrange your wedding. This elegant and simple mandap decoration ideas is sure to leave your wedding guests spell bound over its beauty.

beautiful wedding mandap decoration

5. A Dreamy Wedding Mandap Decoration

Won’t you agree that this is one of the best dreamy Indian wedding stage decoration ideas for your Pheras? Decorated with classic bright marigolds, this is a dreamy set-up perfect for a destination wedding.

wedding mandap decoration

6.  Wedding Mandap Decoration With Floral Ornaments Dangling

Here come another mandap decoration ideas with pink and white delicate floral arrangements hanging from the ceiling. Perfect for you if love the combination of pink and white with a floral touch.

white and pink wedding mandap decoration

7. Wedding Mandap Decoration With Floating Red Roses And Acrylic Framework

If you have imagined a luxurious celebration that complements the grandeur of any royal hotel then these decorations for the wedding stage is for you. The golden peacocks adorned the apparently unending aisle at your spectacular event. We especially like how the vibrant flowers inspired a clear acrylic wedding stage with amazing floating florals.

mandap decor with flower

8. Elegant White And Peachy Wedding Mandap Decoration

Peachy drapes, a white-draped ceiling, light-coloured flowers, and a chandelier in the middle! This beautiful wedding mandap decoration is one of my personal favourites!

mandap decoration ideas

9. Wedding Mandap Decoration With Golden Bells And Gorgeous Kaleeras

A classic theme wedding stage decoration idea for someone who loves big fat Indian weddings. Any couple would look heavenly in these gorgeous and vibrant wedding mandap decor.

wedding mandap decor

10. Simple Wedding Mandap Decoration

A stylish and trendy look for your wedding mandap! The white solid structure with a minimal design gives it a very modern touch. The blue curtains add a splash of colour to the monotonous all-white decor. Finally, the flower bouquets in yellow, white, and orange are the cherry on top!

mandap decor

11. Enchanting Pink Theme Wedding Mandap Decoration

Weddings on the beach are undoubtedly romantic! You can create a romantic ambience for your wedding by creating a pink elegant mandap with a covered ceiling. It has a pink crown just on the floral ceiling, which adds to the fun. Bright yellow, pink, green, peach and white are all fantastic colour combinations for this theme. Further, can we just take a moment to appreciate how stunning the setup is at sunset through all those sparkling crystal curtains?

wedding mandap decoration

12. Wedding Mandap Decoration With Shimmering Crystal & Luxurious White Orchids

It's a show-stopping masterpiece, covered in strands of dazzling crystals and miles of luxurious white orchids.

beautiful mandap decoration

13. Wedding Mandap Decoration With Royal Red And Golden Detailing

With a royal and romantic atmosphere, this traditional Southeast Asian marriage ceremony mesmerises. We will adore it if you decorate the wedding stage combines delicate purple lights inside the golden pillars to give a gemstone glow.

mandap decor ideas

14. Pastel Curtains & Vibrant Multicolor Flowers: Modern And Simple Wedding Mandap Decoration

If you apply some vibrant colours to a traditional and basic mandap décor, it can be taken to a whole new level. This photograph of a wedding mandap decoration offers an otherwise monotone pastel theme that pops when you add a mix of multicoloured flowers.

wedding mandap decoration

15. A Floral Wall And Pink Spherical Ceiling In A Traditional Wedding Mandap Decoration

In the present era, a dome-shaped mandap roof is back in fashion. The wedding mandap shown here is one of the most beautiful South Indian wedding mandap ideas. The colours rani pink, yellow, white and orange are a perfect match for each other. The marigold and white tiny thread flower wall is a work of art. Similarly, all of the seating areas are bright pink.

beautiful wedding mandap

16. Wedding Mandap Decoration With Beautiful Yellow Curtains

A gorgeous dreamy wedding spot with greenery, an open sky, and a fountain can be found here. The bright yellow curtains, which contrast the backdrop colour scheme, let the mandap pop out in every context.  The entire design is balanced by features like rustic grass and multi-coloured florals on the pillars.

mandap design

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