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Your wedding day is a very special occasion. It is, after all, about honoring your love. We've created a list of the most crucial questions to ask your wedding planner before hiring them to make the process go more smoothly.


It goes without saying that hiring the best wedding planner is a major decision. After all, they'll be the supplier who will be working with you the most closely in the months ahead, perfecting your vision and making the process as smooth as possible. Your wedding planning organizer should be your right-hand, supporter, and creative collaborator. It's also essential that you feel at ease and confident in your selection.

Doing some homework is the first step in assessing whether or not someone is a suitable fit for you and your wedding. Analyze the planner's website, social media accounts, and online testimonials. To gain a sense of who they are, check their prior projects. Then it's time to meet – face to face or online.

Following 10 questions will not only help you discover the best wedding planner in Kolkata, but they will also help you stay on budget and retain your sanity in the roll to the big day. Take it as a cheat sheet for questions to ask your wedding planner. 

1. Are you free on the day of my wedding?

When it comes to asking wedding planner questions, it should be the first one you ask. If your wedding dates are still open and you're prepared to wait to work with someone you truly adore, request a few possibilities so you may consider them when completing your schedule.

2. What exactly do your services offer?

The services offered by the wedding management company may differ significantly from those given by others. Some incorporate design and aesthetics, while others are more concerned with logistics. It's essential to understand exactly what your wedding planning guide will not accomplish. Will they attend dress appointments, assist with RSVP management, and assist in the planning of pre-and post-wedding activities?

3. How many weddings have you organized?

When it comes to choosing a wedding planner, the right experience with weddings is a requirement. It's excellent if they've organized parties and traditional events as well, but keep in mind that those events aren't the same as weddings. Other gatherings lack the emotional and intimate touch that weddings have. If they've worked as a wedding guide for another client, research about that. 

4. How’s your experience as a wedding planner?

It's a great idea to find out how long your preferred wedding planner has been in business and what their general experience is. This will give you a fair understanding of what they have to offer in terms of contacts and capacity to deal with the unexpected. Have they handled any big events?  Any destination wedding?  Their level of knowledge may be a key factor based on your requirements.

5. Can you work within our budget?

Here comes the most important part: Money. Though not an enjoyable topic, it's essential for you and the planner to have a detailed discussion on the budget as soon as possible. 

6. Have you ever planned anything at our venue?

Couples are often suggested to check about a possible wedding planner's experience working at their specific location. This isn't always important. You should, however, check out if they've planned at comparable venues in terms of size and location. 

7. How many meetings will involve us?

This is the time to obtain a general idea of how the wedding planning will go. Some organizers will send you designs via email and follow it up with you over the call, while others will create online mood boards and walk you through colors and sample patterns verbally in person. 

8. How many events do you have for the weekend of our wedding? 

Less is generally preferable, based on the size of your planner's team. When the time arrives, you want to make sure that your wedding gets the attention and dedication it deserves. 

9. Who will be present on the wedding day? 

It's important to know how many staff will be on-site on the day of your wedding.  Is the planner you're meeting included in this? The amount of the crew is usually determined by the number of guests, but be sure they have enough people to attend your event! 

10. Do you have professional responsibility and personal liability insurance?

It's necessary that they've undertaken every precaution to safeguard you in the occasion that something goes wrong. You should also inquire about their insurance and all the scenarios.   If the technology used to install the dance floor, for example, harms the venue, the insurance should pay the costs.

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