Sherwani Shops In Kolkata: Must Visit For The Fashion conscious

Although the price range depends on the designer's skill and experience, the fabric's quality, and how much it costs to sew.


Since a while ago, they've talked about bridal lehengas and sarees and where to buy them. But shouldn't someone pay attention to the grooms? So, the best budget wedding planner in kolkata has put together a list of sherwani shops in Kolkata in today's blog.

The following are a few of the most reputable retailers from which you can purchase sherwanis from sherwani shops in Kolkata that you will always like. Your bengali wedding planner kolkata will love to photograph you in royal poses.

1. Aastha Creation:

If you need sherwanis immediately, go to Aastha Creation in Vardaan Market. This is made by the same people who make the ready-made sherwanis at Astha Ethnic Wear, which is on the same floor. They come in soft tones and bling, making your eyes pop, just like any designer boutique. The sherwanis from sherwani shops in Kolkata come in one size, but they can be made to fit your body in just a few hours (or in one day). The price would start at about INR 12,000. Best wedding planner in Kolkata is best for wedding.

Aastha Creation

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2. Dapper:

This is one of the few stores where you can find unique designs from many designers. Shilpa Sethi started Dapper with 11 clothing designers and two accessory designers. Some designers are from Jaipur, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad. Ayushman Khurana and Vicky Kaushal have been dressed by designer Ujjawal Dubey of Delhi's Antar-Agni. Arjan Dugal of Delhi has dressed Ranveer Singh and Siddhant Kapoor, and Suket Dhir of Delhi has worked with Irrfan Khan and Rajkumar Rao. To buy clothes from sherwani shops in Kolkata designers whose clients are so well-known? 


3. Manyavar:

One of the most popular sherwani shop in kolkata. When people think of the best sherwani shops in Kolkata, the first thing that comes to mind is the well-known Manyavar, where prices start around INR 12,000. The wide range of colours, designs, and styles will make you want to buy them all. The best part is that they can also customise that design you saw on Pinterest for you.


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4. Manish Creation:

A store called Manish Creation is in the city of Kolkata. It has a large selection of custom-made shirts, suits, and wedding sherwanis for the groom, so he can get everything he needs in one place. With so many choices on the market today, it takes time to figure out what to do. Sherwani in kolkata at Manish Creation, you can choose between a wide range of clothes and have your outfit sewn to fit you perfectly, so you don't have to deal with any trouble. Their designs will make sure you stand out and make your wedding much more memorable. INR beginning at 10,000.

Manish Creation

5. Sawaria:

There are many options for men at the store. Starting at INR 4,000, the Nehru jackets come in bright colours like teal, light green, red, orange, and others. And if you want a traditional bandhgala, look for one with neatly stitched hand-printed motifs and paisley prints on the inside.In low price best sherwani shops in Kolkata.


6. Ayub & Sons:

This huge store has two floors and is well-known among locals. It is on Camac Street, right next to Vardaan Market. The store is wedding sherwani shops in Kolkata that are already made for men. But their collection of sherwanis is worth your time and money. Men can choose what to wear to a wedding by looking at their brooches and nagas. Their price for sewing a sherwani is INR 8,500.

Ayub & Sons

8. Barkat Ali:

Barkat Ali, sherwani store in Kolkata, which has been around for more than 95 years, is one of the best places in Kolkata to get a sherwani made to fit. You can think of one, and with a wave of their magic wand, they will make it for you. Since they have been making sherwani for groom in Kolkata for almost 100 years, this store is a man's dream. You can buy fabrics for your clothes starting at INR 3,000/m, and they charge INR 9,000 to sew them.

Barkat Ali

9. Surbhi Pansari:

What should you wear to your engagement party or the day after your wedding? How about getting your OOTD designed by the same people who dressed stars like Bumba da and Karan Wahi for ramps and events? Surbhi Pansari is one of the best designer’s for best sherwani in Kolkata. About starting at INR 10,000. Her designs are very popular because she uses soft colours, high-quality materials, and big prints. Dressing in their collection will give you that dapper look you've always wanted.

Surbhi Pansari

10. Vedam:

You must have heard about their unique collection of bridal lehengas, ethnic gowns, and other wedding clothes for women. But did you know that their line of clothes for men is just as nice? Their unique collection of designer sherwani in kolkata will make you wonder which one to choose. Check out their gallery just once! About starting at INR 10,000.


11. Komal Sood:

Komal Sood runs the KYRA brand and a line of designer sherwanis out of Kolkata. Many fashion shows, magazines, and the closets of many T-Town celebrities have featured this Kolkata-based sherwani for men in Kolkata outfit label. This store is sure to have the best kind of Bengali wedding sherwani. The detailed patterns, sleek cuts, and perfect designs will make you feel like a KING. So check out the cool collection to find a cool outfit for a wedding reception, starting at about INR 20,000.

Komal Sood


In the above, they talked about the best sherwani shop kolkata. Men in South Asia wear sherwanis, which are long-sleeved coats. It fits like a Western frock coat and has a belt around the waist. It falls below the knees and buttons down the front. It can have no collar, a collar like a shirt, or a collar like a Mandarin collar that stands up.

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