Trending Engagement Ring Designs For The Timeless Bride [2023]

Have you fixed your engagement date? The next step for a marriage is selecting a beautiful engagement ring. There are many options available for you.


Getting engaged is a very special moment in life. In India, engagement day is celebrated like weddings. On this day the would-be couple get committed to each other by exchanging rings in front of their near and dear ones. The engagement rings always remind the couple about this memorable day. And that is why people give much more importance to their engagement ring. You will need a perfect engagement ring for your loving partner. So, if you are planning to buy an engagement ring then keep reading this helpful guide from best wedding planner in kolkata to find out the trending engagement ring designs.

1. Solitaire Ring

The solitaire ring designs are the most traditional and classic ones. It is a timeless piece of jewelry that contains a single stone. This single piece of diamond is mounted on a simple band with a claw setting to make it simply beautiful. This is an excellent choice for both men and women. The solitaire rings are one of the most desirable rings amongst women. This excellent piece of the ring never goes out of fashion.

solitaire ring designs

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2. Stylish Silver Rings

These are the most preferred engagement rings chosen by couples. The silver ring made for women is comparatively thin to the ring of men. These gold and silver-plated engagement rings are designed with a diamond in the middle. This ring diamond-studded band ring has always played a major role in the bonding of a new couple.

indian engagement ring

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3. Sophisticated Platinum Wedding Band

Women have a special corner in their hearts for platinum rings. It’s a priceless piece of jewelry that is the epitome of love and commitment Make her smile by putting a beautifully designed platinum band in her finger.

wedding ring designs

4. Alluring Blue Sapphire Ring

If you like to try something different than a diamond ring then a stunning sapphire ring can be a good choice. You can draw your inspiration from Kate Middleton who wore an alluring blue sapphire ring on the engagement day. These are one of the worthy and best engagement rings.

engagement ring designs

5. Sterling Open Ends Engagement Rings

Now, this open ends rings are a piece of unique and attractive jewelry. This Indian engagement ring looks incredibly beautiful on a bride’s hand. Moreover, you can also adjust the size of the ring according to your finger. This single-store studded platinum ring is an admirable ring for your special day.

best engagement rings

6. Trending Personalized Engagement Rings

What about engraving a couple's name on your engagement ring? Nowadays couples are engraving their names on the rings to make it a memorable ring for both. These gold-plated designable rings can also be personalized with colorful gemstones or diamonds. This trendy couple ring design for engagement is truly an amazing choice that looks impressive.

engagement ring ideas

7. Romantic Heart Diamond Rings

Show your love for your partner by choosing heart-shaped engagement rings. Wear the symbol of love on your fingers to get a modernized and unique outlook. This vintage ring is studded with a beautiful diamond in the center of the heart shape. The small glimmering round shape stones around the ring increase its beauty and makes it a unique engagement ring.

heart shape engagement rings

8. Mesmerizing Pink Heart Rings

Choosing a white diamond for engagement is a classic choice but choosing a colored diamond is a marvelous choice. A pink heart diamond ring is one such example. The value of this remarkable ring can be understood by the fact that the pink diamond is the rarest and expensive diamond. This elegant and impressive ring is a show stopper of your event.

pink heart ring

9. Captivating Rose Gold Diamond Ring

The rose gold is a stunning choice amongst all engagement ring designs. This beautiful ring is a pure definition of style, beauty, and grace. Rose gold rings are not only sparkling but also most durable. This pink-colored metal contains a diamond in the center and is available in various designs.

trending rose gold ring designs

10. Pear-Shaped Diamond Ring

Another beautiful diamond engagement ring is the pear-shaped ring. This is one of the top trending engagement rings of this year. Its unique pear-cut diamond represents style and grace. The beautiful curves of the diamond make this ring sparkle brighter.

diamond engagement ring

11. Impressive Halo Diamond Ring

It is a luxurious piece of jewelry item that is very popular amongst women due to its amazing design. This vintage ring is worn by a bride in her hand speaks of her wealth and glamour. These engagement ring designs come in various shapes and sizes containing beautiful gemstones.

engagement ring ideas

12. Traditional Gold Ring For Bride

In India, gold is the most preferred jewelry for weddings and engagements. Exchanging gold rings on engagement day is a common ritual. Currently, various kinds of gold engagement ring designs for females are available online and in jewelry stores. A floral gold ring studded with a diamond in the center is the most beautiful and desirable design. Small stones are engraved all around the ring to give a fresh feel to the ring.

gold ring designs

13. Diamond Studded Gold Rings

Diamond and gold when combined together provide a magical experience. If you want to follow the Indian custom of wearing gold but also have a huge crush on diamonds then a diamond and gold ring will be an ideal option for you. This semi gold ring contains many small diamonds in a beautiful sequence which looks breathtakingly beautiful. These rings are also very popular engagement ring designs for male.

engagement ring designs

Choosing a perfect engagement ring is also an art. Every woman dreams of a memorable engagement ceremony that stays incomplete without a gorgeous wedding ring. An engagement ring is a connection between the two couples; it’s a symbol of love and commitment. Hence, choosing a perfect ring is the utmost thing you need to plan before your special day. We have suggested to you the top trending engagement ring designs. Hopefully, you can choose a special ring of your from these engagement ring ideas.

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